The Czech construction holding Enteria a.s. is a group of small and medium-sized companies operating in all sectors of the construction industry. It was created in 2008 with the intention of ensuring  better functioning and competitiveness of its members, especially due to the complexity and mutual support services and activities offered within the holding. Currently Enteria contains 11 companies, mainly operating in the building industry, with more than 900 employees and a production potential of 3-4 billion CZK.

Company history

1994  Founding of the parent Company Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.
2004 - 2007  Acquisition of the first member companies and the creation of an informal construction group
2008  Establishment of Enteria a.s. and the formal provisions of the holding company structure
2008 - 2017  Further expansion of the holding company to the current 11 members

Enteria a.s. provides its members with professional services in the field of general support activities and performs post-search activities, training and developing new projects for both public and private investors.

Core Business

  • Construction, renovation and repair of buildings
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of railway objects
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of bridges and culverts
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of roads
  • Welding of rails and switches, supply of railway signaling technology
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of utilities
  • Design and engineering activities